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Welcome to your ClearWaterKids Family Experience (“Experience”), a program managed by the Ontario Water Centre (OWC) and taking place at ClearWater Farm (CWF).  Your participation in this Experience is predicated upon your reading and acceptance of the following terms and conditions, which you must agree to if you wish to participate in your Experience.

Firm Limit on Attendance

Participants in Family Experiences during this COVID pandemic are choosing to come to ClearWater in order to have a safe experience.  To ensure that we have sufficient supplies to handle each group that visits the farm and to ensure that participating adults can control the safety-related behaviour of the children under their care, CWF has instigated a firm limit on who can be included in a single Family Experience.  We will allow up to 8 participants to be onsite during one visit as long as there is at least one adult for every three children.   Adults attempting to bring more children than permitted with them onto the property for a Family Experience will not be admitted.  Throughout this document, we refer to a group attending a Family Experience at one time as a “Party”, the adult who is the principal registrant for the Party as “the Host”, a any additional adults/children included in a Party as your “Guests”.

Acknowledgement of Inherent Risk in Outdoor Experiences

During your visit to CWF, you and your Guests will be participating in outdoor activities on the grounds of OWC.  During this visit, however, you will be conducting a self-guided tour of the property and will not be in the direct care of OWC staff.  You acknowledge that your choice to participate in this visit brings with it the assumption of risks unavoidably inherent in such outdoor activities.  In consideration of your Party being permitted to participate in these activities, and for other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged, you on behalf of yourself and your Guests hereby release and hold harmless the Ontario Water Centre, its directors, officers, employees, agents, independent contractors, sub-contractors, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively referred to as “OWC”) from all liability for any loss, damage, expense or injury that you or your Guests may suffer as a result of your/their participation a Family Experience.

Abiding by Safety Protocols

As Host, you commit on your own behalf and on behalf of your Guests to follow all safety-related instructions provided by OWC either in preparation for, or while engaged in, your Family Experience.  These include, but are not limited to instructions related to:

  • Health-related self pre-screenings to be conducted by you and your adult Guest in advance of arriving on site.  As one example, you will be required to assert upon arrival at CWF that each member of your Party has a regular temperature, is not experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19, and has not come into contact with a person who has subsequently been identified as having COVID-19;
  • where to park when you arrive on site;
  • what areas your Party should remain in during your Experience; 
  • protocols for safe use of any facilities on the site;
  • on-time departure from the site by your Party.

You acknowledge that failure to follow these instructions will result in your Party being either refused entry to the site, or asked to leave the site prematurely.  You acknowledge that no refunds will be made for Experiences that are cut short due to any member of your Party not following OWC instructions and/or refusing to follow direct safety-related real-time instructions from staff while on the site.

Late Arrival

You understand that you have been assigned a specific start time for your Experience, and it is your responsibility to arrive onsite, park, and follow the signs to the meeting area so as to be ready to commence your Experience on schedule.  You acknowledge that OWC is not able to extend the scheduled end time for your Experience because of the likelihood that another family may be visiting after you, and our staff needs the time to follow our sanitization protocols between your visit and the Party after you.

Stormy Weather Protocols

In case of thunder and lightning storms, our staff may ask your Party to leave the site for your own safety. In this case, we will invite you back to finish at a later time.

Emergency Contacts

On another page, we will ask you to provide at least one Emergency Contact for each Party.  In case of a medical emergency that cannot be addressed by an adult in the Party, you as Host hereby give permission to an OWC staff member to contact the Emergency Contact provided.  If this Emergency Contact is not available, you as Host hereby give OWC staff permission to use their best judgment to seek medical assistance on my behalf.

Photo Release

As a condition of participating in a Family Experience, you acknowledge that photos and/or video material of my Party may be taken during your visit for use in OWC newsletters, promotional materials such as website, brochures and social media.  Names will not be used without your express permission.