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Our Commitment To You

Our farm team commits to bring to you, each week, a basket made up of delicious, nutritious vegetables and fruit, locally-sourced and conveniently delivered. Our food is grown using organic techniques that look out for your health and the health of our land and water. Our goal is to help feed the community while supporting Clearwater Farm’s charitable educational programs that connect young people to nature and water.

We hope these principles and choices will inspire you to purchase a fresh, local food baskets from us. For more details, click on any of the principles listed to the right.

It’s easy to find out pricing by selecting a basket size and entering your delivery address below. Complete your purchase by clicking “buy now”

Have you experienced how some store-bought produce can taste bland? Industrial agriculture relies on mono-cropping and selecting crops that can withstand long transport routes at the expense of freshness, flavour and the environment. We make choices to optimize the taste and nutritional content of our produce, bringing more flavour and satisfaction to the meals you share.

ClearWater Farm leads with vegetables grown on our own farm. We also work with local partners to expand the range of vegetables and fruit we offer at the farm stand and in the baskets. We stick to what we know best, fresh, locally-grown produce and providing you with innovative menu ideas — while leaving you to source other ingredients to suit your tastes.

“Locally-sourced” as a concept has been overused and confused in the food business, with some claiming that local means “from Canada”, or “from Ontario”, while others use it to mean “within 10 minutes of my farm”. Our objective is to build up the food economy in our area (ie. within 100kms of the farm) by choosing like-minded partners as near to us as possible.

Home-delivery will be included in basket prices. However, some customers enjoy picking up their food at a community hub, and will appreciate savings for making the extra effort. As a result, we will offer a $5.00/week discount for picking up your basket at a pick-up site.

Many terms have emerged to give customers confidence that their food has been grown and handled according to specific standards (eg. organically-grown, organically-certified, no spray, etc.). These terms can be confusing, and sometimes conflict with other important values. For example, organic certification allows for spraying vegetables with certain organically-derived chemicals. Our customers trust us to make consistent, principled decisions to give them produce selected with their health in mind – and to be transparent about those decisions in our communication with them. We will uphold that trust.

One of our highest priorities is using “regenerative” farming practices. This newly emergent field brings together techniques directed towards year after year enhancement of our local soils with nutrients, organic materials, and low-till systems. This contrasts with industrial farming techniques that have contributed to the depletion of our soils over several generations.

All proceeds from our basket program go to support our charitable work connecting kids to nature and water, in particular, our training of Young Agripreneurs. This multi-year apprenticeship program supported by RBC helps young adults who are committed to long-term work in regenerative agriculture to develop the skills and hands-on experience they need to succeed.

Configuring Your Basket

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      Subscribe for boat delivery of our basket to your cottage this summer, and we'll deliver groceries (ordered from Grocery Gateway) along with your basket to your dock. Details on next page.

      Our baskets help you plan your meals by including helpful weekly menus that highlight basket contents. Choose the best basket size here to suit your circumstances. The further decisions you’ll need to make are explained below.

      Who are you feeding?

      “Individual” baskets typically feed 1-2 people per week
      “Regular” baskets typically feed 2-3, depending on appetites.
      Both offer the best of what is local and seasonal, while remaining fresh and exciting.

      “Family” baskets typically feed 3-5 people per week and are designed to be more kid-friendly. This means larger quantities of a slightly narrower range of produce.

      Will your first delivery be to your home, or to a seasonal residence or cottage?
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      Based on customer feedback, home delivery, or boat delivery where appropriate, is now included in our basket prices. The display on this page will identify what delivery method is included in your base price. However, you can save money by picking up at one of our convenient pick-up sites. Simply click on the pick-up site name to select this option and see the reduction in your price. Please also note we include a $9.95 remote delivery surcharge on any basket delivered north of Honey Harbour.

      Our default start date will automatically give you the earliest option to start receiving a weekly basket from us. This can change depending on your delivery location and the number of baskets we have available. For example, we don’t start delivering north of Honey Harbour until June 7th. Additionally, once our May basket slots fill up, the default start date will be pushed back to June regardless of your location.

      Deliveries to the York Region (not including Georgina) are on Wednesday, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area are on Thursday, and deliveries to Georgina & Georgian Bay on Friday. You will automatically receive weekly baskets unless you log-in to your account the Sunday prior to put your basket on hold. Our site will have helpful videos that show you how to make these changes quickly. Of course, you can always interact with our helpful customer service staff by emailing ‘’.

      Sunday night “at 8pm” is the deadline for making any changes to your weekly order. We’ll send a short reminder email each week to make sure you remember to make any necessary additions or adjustments.

      Every Tuesday we will let you know what’s coming in the basket a provide recipes to help you plan your meals for the week.