Looking for nature-based activities to share with your family?  Come join us, in the forest, on the land, around a fire, through the seasons.  We strive to provide meaningful opportunities in nature for caregiver-child relationships to deepen through shared work, play, skill development, music, food and laughter.

Our Programs

Parent/Child Weekends

Parent/Child Weekends

Parent/Child Weekends provide a child and a caregiver a unique opportunity to explore another dimension of their relationship, by spending a weekend together in a shared tiny house or tent at the farm. Working alongside other caregivers and children, you will help our education and farm staff tend to the natural world at the farm, while developing skills, building and planting, cooking/sharing food, telling jokes and singing songs. Discover together how you connect with people, places and experiences in nature.

Ages: One parent with one child 7+ years old
Cost: $380 including meals for parent and child
2020 Dates: Sept. 11th-13th, Oct. 2nd-4th
Time: 6:00pm Friday to 4:00pm on Sunday


If you are interested, please email learning@clearwaterfarm.ca to find out more information.