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Kids in the vegetable garden at ClearWater Farm


At ClearWater Farm, education is at the heart of what we do!

One of our primary goals is to educate the next generation of children and youth about farming and sustainable farming practices. Engaging children and youth in experiences that lead to a future where good things happen when people care about food, water, the land, and each other.

We welcome school groups to visit the farm tailoring an experience that links with any curriculum. If you are interested in planning an event or field trip for your school please contact us.

Two girls in the greenhouse looking at a sunflower through a magnifying glass


ClearWater Farm and the Ontario Water Centre are proud to have co-founded our latest educational initiative “Future Chicken”.

Future Chicken, launched in fall 2023, is an ecotainment, multi-platform universe, created for kids 6-10 years old, providing planet positive interviews, video shorts, games, educational resources, and fun activities.

Our aim is to inspire positive action – helping kids understand how the eco-actions that we take today can have a positive impact on the future of the planet. Visit to find out more about this exciting initiative!

Watch the Future Chicken Teaser Trailer
Potato the Chicken holding the earth
Growing tomatoes in the greenhouse at ClearWater Farm


Showcasing organic and regenerative approaches to food security through providing innovative experiences in growing, cooking, enjoying and celebrating food.

ClearWater Farm is a working farm, where leaders in sustainable farming develop and teach future agri-preneurs about the latest advancements in water-wise, and eco-wise farming.

You can support a future agri-preneur as they learn new skills and work towards a career in agriculture. That’s an investment in a sustainable future!

Tomatoes grown on ClearWater Farm


Inspired by the real historic farm and the place-based learning we have offered is the new ClearWater Kids interactive website to help families explore nature. Meet Potato the Chicken, no ordinary farmyard fowl, who is so named because of her love for potato peels. Potato is the mascot who guides ClearWater Kids through their online experience. A fun and funny character loved by all ages, Potato is actually a time-travelling superhero who has returned from the future with insights to share about how we can all live together in harmony with nature and each other.

Join in the fun interactive games and activities at, a “Kids Safe” space with tons of resources for parents and teachers too!

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