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At ClearWater Farm, young people feel what it’s like to fall in love with a natural place as they work in and learn from it.  Experts call this “place-based experiential learning”. We call it healthy childhood. It’s what we do.

ClearWater has fields that were farmed for 150 years by one family, and a Trading Tree under which early settlers and First Nations met to trade.  We sit on one of the last still natural shorelines on Lake Simcoe. And we have a magical forest, nurtured by children following their instincts, inspired teens and young adults, and compassionate and skilled staff.  Here we host experiences for every age across the seasons.

In this place and through our tailored programs, each personality can learn to be themselves, in and through nature.  By deciding to join us, you (and your child) can be a part of this story, and share in the delight, laughter, work, and respectful relationship with this small part of the natural world.

Our Programs

We work with young children

to encourage their natural instincts to explore and their joy and excitement in discovery.  Programming examples include:

  • “Sprouts”, a drop-in program for parents with infants and young children up to 5
  • Summer camps for 8-12 year olds
  • After school programs like ClearWater Foresters for 6-12 year olds

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We work with teenagers

to help them explore their ability to design their relationship with the natural world, and to co-create programs that have meaning for them:

  • Spoon Carving Club
  • Leaders in Training (LIT) program

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We work with twenty-somethings

through apprenticeship programs that help them explore their passion and find their path towards gainful employment that means something to them.

  • Young Agri-Preneur Program
  • Youth Artist Residency Program
  • Mushroom Workshops

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We work with schools and not-for-profits

to co-create with their teachers tailored programs through which we support their learning objectives in our natural environment.

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We work with families and communities

to help children understand they are part of a larger whole:

  • Parent/Child Weekend
  • Informal Community Gatherings

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We will also soon be adding an on-line game website with videos and challenges to take kids where they are back to nature.

Our 2020 program schedule is under development.  In the meantime, for more information, contact

Our Core Principles

  • We promote leadership in our participants by allowing young people to design their relationship with nature which builds their sense of stewardship and empowerment.
  • We encourage repeated visits to the farm over time and across seasons, enabling young people to feel what it is like to become attached to a place.
  • Play is a vehicle for learning and rests at the core of innovation and creativity.
  • Inspired by our relationship with our neighbours, the Chippewas of Georgina Island, we seek to explore the different ways of knowing, being, and doing associated with an Indigenous worldview.