Farmer Deb Loves Spring Turnip

White turnips, a delicious spring treat!

White turnip also called Tokyo turnip or hakurei is a sweet crisp salad turnip.
Use it raw, sliced ,grated or spiraled. It can be cooked, sauteed in butter  or miso, with the greens.
Or try a quick pickle with ginger.
They will only be available for a couple of weeks in the spring but don’t worry we have a batch of amber turnips that should be ready in June.
One  thing about eating seasonally and locally is it forces you to really appreciate the short time some veggies are at their peak and available in our community.
Yes ,Asparagus and Strawberries, Im talking about YOU!
Now is the time to think about how you could prolong your favourites by freezing or preserving.
I never get around to doing this but DO encourage friends and greatly appreciate their efforts!
Warmest regards,
Your dedicated farming gal,
Alana Corkery

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