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It’s open! ClearWater Farm’s new kids’ discovery centre is called Believer’s Bend

Sutton Public School students partnered with Clearwater Farm, and other professionals, to create an interpretive display for a biodigester to be installed at the farm. The goal was to have students develop a space that would help the public, and specifically students from grades Kindergarten to 8, understand what a biodigester is and why it is important.

ClearWater Farm is committed to renewable energy, energy conservation and a sustainable energy future. This project, supported by Enbridge and a capital grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, embraces the concepts of experiential learning.

A biodigester as a tank which anaerobically digests organic material and produces methane gas for cooking, heating and lighting etc. The biodigester works like a big stomach to break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. A bio-gas is made from all that plant matter and the farm will use it to heat the greenhouses, cook food and fuel farm vehicles. It also produces a bio-fertilizer that is used to nourish plants and trees. Kids who visit the farm will have the chance to collect organic matter and place it into a mini biodigester. This will fuel the ability for them to create herbal teas by heating water with the bio-gas cooktop, as well as nourish all plants and trees in Believer’s Bend with the bio-fertilizer that is created.

We are already Believers!

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