Meet Suzanne Howes

Meet Suzanne Howes, Chair, ClearWater Farm Water Walk


In my First Nations culture, we live by something called the Seventh Generation Principle. That those decisions that we make today, in our everyday lives, should contribute to a sustainable world seven generations into the future.
This philosophy is widely abused, in modern culture… but I have found a place, a place in our own community, where the people are trying to embody this principle. ClearWater Farm is all about kids experiencing nature, growing
healthy, local food and making decisions on the land that minimize any impact on our water and earth. Really it is a place to learn about sustainability.
I believe in what ClearWater Farm is doing. So, I am helping to organize a fun, free Water Walk, in the spirit of my ancestors’ traditional water walks. We want the whole community to join us at Willow Beach Park on Saturday, June 23 rd to walk behind Chippewas of Georgina Island Elder, Shelley Charles, and Mayor
Margaret Quirk to ClearWater Farm. Then we can all have some fun on the farm; planting, playing and experiencing the magic of the place. See the gardens, the greenhouses! And the kids’ camp! So much more.

The event is graciously sponsored by local businesses as a fundraiser to rebuild the ClearWater Farm Barn that burneddown in 2016. The barn will be rebuilt using traditional methods this summer – come hear about the amazing plans – plans you can be involved in!
Come take the first steps with us as we rebuild the barn at the ClearWater Farm Water Walk on Saturday, June 23 rd .Join Me by registering here.

I will see you there!

Suzanne Howes

The Seventh Generation Principle today is generally referred to in regards to decisions being made about our energy, water, and natural resources, and ensuring those decisions are sustainable for seven generations in the future. But, it can also be applied to relationships – every decision should result in sustainable relationships seven generations in the future positive for many generations to come.

On Saturday June 23 rd , 2018 students and families from the surrounding area will be participating in The Clear Water Farm Water Walk. The Clearwater Farm Water Walk is an event to help rebuild the Clear Water Farm Barn that burnt down accidentally in 2016 as an amazing interactive hands on learning stations themed around
water, earth, food and community.

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