Our Story

A mission for the future

Our mission is to deepen young people and their families’ connection with the natural environment, marrying the arts, science and technology to cultivate a more sustainable future. We all need kids to have meaningful outdoor experiences so they grow up feeling responsible for protecting the natural world. ClearWater Farm provides kids with fun, compelling learning opportunities that build character, curiosity and a love of nature. To that end we are breathing new life into an historic shoreline farm as a centre for place-based experiential learning. ClearWater’s eco-food production supports our efforts. To explore all Water Centre initiatives click here.


Leader in Place-Based Environmental Education

ClearWater is giving kids unique experiences that connect them with nature and empower them to work with it.  They in turn are guiding us in exploring what ClearWater Farm can become.  Hands-on camps and school-linked programs – often linked to food — open new perspectives for everyone.  Find out more about ClearWater’s kids’ programs and their impact.


A Rich History

ClearWater Farm, a historic property on Lake Simcoe, was owned by an early settler family for over 180 years. It is now leased to the Ontario Water Centre by Town of Georgina. Honouring ClearWater Farm’s close working relationship with the Chippewas of Georgina Island, an old maple “Trading Tree” by the lake where settlers and local First Nations gathered to trade received Heritage status in 2017.


Inspiring Regenerative Food Practices

ClearWater demonstrates how growing healthy food is also good for the surrounding land, water, local economy and community fabric.  We inspire our employees, volunteers, customers and partners to grow, prepare and share fresh, nutritious food using organic and regenerative practices.  The farm also showcases water-wise and nature-friendly practices and technologies to help others discover eco-friendly choices.


Promoting Sustainable Local Economic Development

A community leader in promoting local, sustainable economic development, ClearWater continues to create green jobs.  We are pioneering installation of new green technology, including a micro-biodigestor that generates renewable natural gas from locally-generated organics to heat greenhouses and power vehicles.  By rebuilding a heritage barn as a youth education centre and community event venue, we’re creating high-value jobs while creating new community assets in Georgina.

Find out more information about ClearWater Farm, and volunteering opportunities by emailing us at info@clearwaterfarms.ca.

Our Team

Alex Powell
New Farmer Apprentice

DJ Lupo
Facilities Coordinator

Hannah Neveu-Geene
Summer Intern

Michael Wilson
Assistant Farm Manager

Deb MacKay
Farming/Growing Manager

Julia Morch
Co-Manager, Education & Outreach

Danielle Flynn
New Farmer Apprentice

Morgan Zigler
Co-Manager, Education & Outreach

Megan Giffen
Program Manager, Education

Nolan Sloss
Marketing Intern, Sans Souci & Copperhead Association

Annie Sanassian
Lead Outdoor Educator

Oliver Graham
Marketing Intern, Go Home Bay & Wah Wah Taysee