Update From Farmer Deb!


Update From Farmer Deb!

We started seeding in the (barely) finished greenhouses in early February. The first crop in a brand new environment with a few technical challenges. I was nervous! In farming, sometimes things out of your control go wrong and all your plans and hopes are just wiped away. Well not this time! Everything went amazingly well! We got a beautiful sunny March. The soil we created was extremely fertile and my makeshift irrigation system held together. In fact, it all worked so well everything was ready ahead of schedule. This almost never happens.We look forward to bringing you a wonderful variety of greens and roots, veg and fruits, throughout the season. We hope to keep you excited, curious and surprised by our selections.We aren’t just farmers we are mad about good food. It’s all we talk about!I would love to meet and show you around the farm this summer.There is nothing better than a Sun warmed tomato eaten right in the field.

Warmest regards,

Your dedicated farming gal,



Alana Corkery

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