Volunteers Make The World Go Round

My background in farming is organic, high end user, unique product. Niche market user.

Lots of celebrity clients.
All the top Toronto restaurants.
Toronto Film fest. Governor general. Air Canada. Cityline.
Lcbo magazine.
I always felt a little conflicted.
I was growing delicious, beautiful, nutritious, organic food, but who was it benefiting? A small percentage of who could afford it?
I wanted to grow this amazing and beautiful food for everyone.
Clearwater Farms is giving me the opportunity to grow these products in a clean organic way and offer it up to the local community.
We have opened our doors to all that want to participate in learning to grow this way. Eexperience the joy of planting a tiny seed and harvesting pounds and pounds of food from that one simple act.
I have been farming for twenty years and am still delighted and astounded at what ONE seed gives us.
The joy of watching the progress of plants through all the various milestones.
Hope. Fear. Pride. Sound familiar?
Part of the fun is supporting and igniting people who want to learn the ancient art of growing food and providing for your community and loved ones.
keep an eye on all our upcoming events.
Yoga. Friday night socials.
Kids activities. The water walk.
Drum circle.
Thank you to all our volunteers.
Not only do they support us with their physical exertions, we also have such fantastic time putting the world to rights over a kale bed!
Here’s to the volunteers!
Your dedicated farming gal,
Alana Corkery

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