What Is It About Farmers?

Farmers are Weird, by Farmer Daniel
Farmers are weird.  It may be 40+ degrees with the humidity, but we’ll be in the greenhouse (where it’s even hotter) staking the tomatoes.  It may be pouring on the farm, but we’re out there harvesting garlic in soaking, stinky boots.  We may be facing financial ruin (and what we need to be doing is making phone calls trying sell our abundant crop of beets), but we’ll be out in the field weeding the kale.  Never has this love for food, farming, and the land been more clear to me than in observing the farm team at ClearWater this year.  Lead Farmer Deb sets the example.  She’s taken perhaps 2 days off since she got the greenhouses rolling in January.  You simply cannot keep her away from the farm.  Her devotion to growing veg for the community, to caring for the land, and to mentoring the other farmers on the team is truly something sacred.  Farmer Michael, and farming assistants Hannah and Anna-Mae also display this unquenchable hunger to farm.  They’re out there day after day, dripping in sweat, bodies aching, with dirt and smiles smeared all over their faces.  And, I feel that undeniable drive to farm too.  Every March I get really nervous, “I am so busy already, how will I ever integrate the farming season into my life?”  And then April comes, and I get out on the farm and start composting the rhubarb and I cannot be stopped until frost and/or snow tell me that I must.  Yup, we’re a weird breed.  Give us a shovel and a wheelbarrow and we just go go go.  Wendell Berry sums it up best, “Why do farmers farm, given their economic adversities on top of the many frustrations and difficulties normal to farming? And always the answer is: “Love. They must do it for love.” 
We love you all ClearWater Community.  Thank you for the opportunity to grow food for you.
Alana Corkery

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