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About ClearWater Farm



A world where people live in harmony with nature.


Inspired by water, we exist to deepen young people’s connections with the natural environment, marrying the arts, science and technology to cultivate a more sustainable future.

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Ontario Water Centre initiatives begin with pilots designed to replicate and scale in order to impact local, provincial, national and even international agendas. 

ClearWater Farm on the shores of Lake Simcoe at Willow Beach, is our flagship project and our home. Since 2016, we have been transforming the 180-year old Reed Farm, 30 acres, leased from the Town of Georgina, into a place that honours history* and simultaneously advances four strategic objectives:


Place-based Education Engaging children and youth in experiences that lead to a future where good things happen when people care about food, water, the land, and each other. 


Educational Farming Showcasing organic and regenerative approaches to food security through providing innovative experiences in growing, cooking, enjoying and celebrating food. 


Water Conservation Increasing through interactivity understanding of how wise land use can improve the health of the lake, mitigate changing climate and extreme weather effects. 


Economic Development Anchoring community efforts to help Georgina be a place with vitality that is deeply connected to Lake Simcoe and boasts a local food economy. 

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*The history of the area is specially honoured through our close working relationship with the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation. This relationship is symbolized by a 200 plus year-old maple tree overlooking the lake where settlers and local First Nations gathered to trade. The “Trading Tree” received Heritage Status in 2017, a children’s book in English and Ojibwe was published in 2019 by the Prince’s Trust.

The Ontario Water Centre is an educational not-for-profit with charitable status (CRA # 842146284RR0001).