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“ClearWater Farm is excellent because we are allowed to learn many different parts of farming and therefore discover the things we love.”

– Nancy, 2nd year in the Young Agripreneur Program

You can support a young farmer as they learn new skills and work towards a career in agriculture. Annual bursaries of $4800 go directly towards our Young Agripreneur Program for post secondary graduates under 30 years of age who are interested in our unique hands-on regenerative farming learning. This 5 year program allows participants to grow their skills, along with the healthy fresh vegetables, by digging into planting, harvesting and packing right to sales and marketing. These paid apprenticeships fill the gap between post secondary education and forging their own path as eco-smart, business-smart farmers.

“I am learning and experiencing a whole bunch of different ways of organic farming, the farm stand and the bag packing that I can take to learn for my own business and get how I want to run things. It’s a perfect steppingstone for our future business.” -Natalie, Young Agripreneur

You can choose to support the program with a one-year or multi year bursary. Thank you!