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Get groceries delivered to your dock this summer

ClearWater Farm has partnered with Grocery Gateway (by Longo’s) to enable ClearWater customers with cottages in Honey Harbour, Cognashene, Go Home Bay, Wah Wah Taysee, Sans Souci and Woods Bay to order groceries online and have them delivered weekly by boat to their cottage dock. Grocery Gateway provides high quality, maximum variety, and ease of ordering and payment; ClearWater Farm will get your orders from Toronto delivered to your dock in an ultra-safe handoff.

Stay Cosy at the Cottage. ..and let us deliver fresh veggies and groceries right to your dock each week (N.B. deliveries to West Carling must be picked up at Dillon Cove Marina).

ClearWater Farm has partnered with Grocery Gateway at Longo’s to deliver everything you need to hide out at your cottage this summer.

At ClearWater Farm, our organically grown fruits and veggies are delivered to your door or to pre-specified pick-up locations in Georgian Bay. We offer three sizes of food baskets so that members can enjoy the benefits of healthy, farm fresh , local food.

One of our organization’s goals is to help raise future sustainable farmers. Your food comes from young people committed to regenerative agriculture and our environment.

Start/end Dates:  Week of June 22nd – Week of September 4, 2020

In order to access our grocery delivery service, you need to either:

  • already be an existing veggie basket customer while you are receiving groceries. Prices for baskets delivered to your dock range from $49.90/wk for an Individual size to $69.90/wk for a Family size; or
  • Join our “grocery delivery club” by paying an annual membership fee of $150

Once you have completed one of these transactions, the cost of our grocery delivery service is: $29.95/week (on top of Grocery Gateway prices)

Commitment Periods:

By committing to these periods, you are guaranteed the same delivery slot every week.

  • Whole summer: 10+ weekly deliveries starting week of June 22nd
  • Monthly: Either July (June 25 – July 31) or August (July 31 – Sept 4).

Ad hoc one-time orders/deliveries will be addressed on a best efforts basis (if we have capacity at the time). To access this service, you must either be a ClearWater basket customer or join our grocery delivery club. You must contact ClearWater’s customer service to pre-arrange each order and a minimum notice period will apply.

How it Works:  Register on this site now (first come first served basis). In early June, we will assign you a regular delivery day of the week and we'll provide you detailed instructions on how to register for Grocery Gateway service at least 10 days before your first delivery date. From then on, you order online through the regular Grocery Gateway portal every week – with the requirement that you must place your order between 3-7 days before your next delivery day. Your fulfilled orders are routed to our delivery truck, from there to our boats, and on to your dock. We will execute a contact-free hand-off at your dock, having sanitized your Grocery Gateway totes. (N.B. deliveries to West Carling must be picked up at Dillon Cove Marina). We reserve the right to refuse your subscription (and refund your money) if we feel we cannot serve you because of distance from our marinas, etc.

Please Note: For any customer that signs up for this service, we will not charge you for any week in June/July/August during which marinas remain closed.  Please read our Terms & Conditions governing this offering.

Ready to Commit? We only have 100 slots. Fill in the following information.

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Are you an existing ClearWater Farm customer?

To benefit from this service, we require that you are either a current customer of our weekly food basket program, or you can join our grocery delivery club. This service benefits our mission of connection kids to nature.

I am an existing ClearWater food basket customer.
I am not an existing customer and will sign up for a food basket now.
I am not an existing customer and will join "grocery delivery club" by paying an annual membership fee of $150 now.

Committed subscription length
10 weeks (starting week of June 22)
July – 5 weeks (starting week of June 22)
Anytime - No Commitment — This option is available on a first come first served basis depending on availability each week (ie. a delivery on any particular day cannot be not guaranteed). Orders must be placed by Friday of the previous week by contacting customer service to agree on availability.

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