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On the Move … with Everyone Helping

This year we started rebuilding the 112-year-old barn that burnt down two years ago at ClearWater Farm, to create a new indoor/outdoor space for programming, performance and gatherings.  As usual at ClearWater, things got started with kids…

  • In June, 100 families led by children and Chippewa leaders took part in a traditional Water Walk along the shores of Lake Simcoe.  They learned about the lake, honoured the lake, and with support from local businesses raised $15,000.
  • At the end of August, 54 volunteers and instructors (members of the Timber Framers Guild) came from all over Canada and the U.S. to join locals to erect the timber frame. They combined traditional methods (pegs not nails) and modern technology (cranes donated by Toromont Battlefield).  Community members served 1200 meals that connected a week of learning, music, and inspiration. Dufferin Construction became an important lead partner supplying concrete and aggregates.
  • On October 2, 300 people gathered at Wychwood Barn in Toronto to help move the ClearWater project further towards completion by Fall 2019.

    While so much has been done there is still lots to be done:
    ClearWater Farm needs more partnerships, more funds to complete the barn and an ever-increasing circle of friends. Please join us and encourage your friends …we also promise fun and good food!!

    “Just like new life, we are seeking new ways for a better tomorrow.”

Watch the barn-raising in timelapse to Rattlesnake Choir‘s country-soul music

Click the gallery to relive the Raise It Up! country in the city event

Images by Tom and Aline Sandler


Annabel Slaight, Campaign Co-chair.. 905 476 5587

Thanks to our comitttees…

Water Walk partnersCampaign Committee Honorary Chair:  John Tory
Committee : Wayne Asquith, Judy Cameron, Lucy Boguski, Laurissa Canavan ,Glenn Dickson, Colin Dobell, Lesley Greenberg, Catherine Fels-Smith, Jennifer Harrison, Paul Higgins Jr., Mary Joyal, Brian Lawson, Suzanne Howes, Brooke Hunter, Jeff Roick , Catherine Seiden, Barbara Sibbald, Annabel Slaight, Chris Wansbrough

Thanks to our lead construction partner, our Raise it Up sponsors and partners, our Barn Raising Week event partners, and our Water Walk partners