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CWF Nature Educators Miss Our Community of Kids

The land at ClearWater Farm, right beside Lake Simcoe in Georgina, is coming alive… but is it missing something in particular: the magic of the sounds children as they follow their hearts and explore with delight all that happens in nature in spring. Our Education Team still wants to share the magic of the farm with all of you. We can’t wait to see you again at the farm!

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Kids Dig In to Planting more than 500 Trees at ClearWater Farm

Tree planting is an easy way that anyone can make a difference in our climate, land and water systems. There are so many lasting benefits for our earth and in wellbeing for the people who take the time to connect to nature. At ClearWater Farm, 525 native fruit trees, hardwoods and pines were planted this fall by students from across York Region. As is the case with every project here at the Farm, it’s the children who lead. With the help of two horticultural specialists and trees bought with a grant from York Region’s Greening Partnership Fund, these eco-champions investigated soil and planting conditions, tree types and how trees can positively affect the rest of the eco-system including, Lake Simcoe. Even more kids, ClearWater Farm summer campers, helped through plant identification, forest clearing, planting and mapping. We think the term tree hugger is apropos again as these kids show us all how to be eco-champions of the future!