Weekly Basket Program

Our weekly food basket program includes 6-9 items of organically grown, local produce, featuring a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits. The contents of each food basket, linked with relevant recipes, will be sent to you ahead of time to help facilitate shopping and healthy meal planning. Beginning on the week of May 13th, baskets will be available for pick-up every Friday from a hub in your community (Thursday for Annex Naturopathic). Basket sizes range from $29.95-$48.50 weekly for “Veggie Lover” (individual), “Veggie Family” (2-3 people), and “Veggie Crew” (3-5 people). Eat well, live well, and join our farming community!

Zone 1: “Toronto area and Georgina first delivery May 17th (16th for Annex Naturopathic)
Your contact/delivery details. Select start week of basket delivery (note baskets are delivered on the Friday of each week – Thursday for Annex Naturopathic)

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When you click ‘Order Now’, you will be led through the following steps. You will not be charged until you enter your payment details and click “Place My Order”

Step 1: Choose Basket Size

Step 2: Choose How Long Your Will Receive Food

The default is weekly, but you can get a discount by committing to a minimum of 10 weeks (and getting the final one free).

Step 3: Choose Your Start Date and Enter Delivery Details

You can start receiving your weekly basket any time from May 13th onwards. Then enter your delivery location and click “Delivery Options” button to find out your delivery options. Select the option which meets your needs, including Home Delivery in some locations. Then click on “Continue”.

Step 4: Select Optional Add-on Products

Then click “I’m ready to buy”.

Step 5: How to Pay

At the right of the page, we provide you a breakdown of the total cost of your purchase based on the choices you have made. Check this to ensure it meets your needs, and if not, select “Back” at the bottom of the page to edit your order.

Then at the top of the page, if you are a returning customer, enter your email and password to log in (or “Lost your password” to reset). If a new customer, enter a password. Then enter your billing details.

Finally in the box to the right of the page, enter your credit card or e-transfer information and click “Sign Up Now”.

Payment preferred online using Visa or Mastercard. If you want to sign up for our program but do not wish to pay by credit card, we will also accept an e-transfer or payment by cheque. For e-transfers please use the following criteria:
Email ID: finance@ontariowatercentre.ca
E-transfer question: Name of farm
Answer: clearwater

For payment by cheque please make your cheques payable to the Ontario Water Centre
Mailing address: 12-16715 Yonge St Unit 175, Newmarket, ON L3X 1X4

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