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Why Our Food Is Different


When food is made in harmony with the surrounding land, water and people, it simply tastes better and is more nutritious.




At ClearWater Farms,
we work with Mother Nature. Natural growing techniques add organic matter to the soil and increase the minerals and nutrients available to the plants. You can taste the difference!

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your vegetables are harvested just before you get them, by people committed to our mission and the reputation of the ClearWater Farms brand.

Our regenerative agricultural techniques rebuild topsoil. This in turn captures, stores, and filters water more effectively.  Our operations are designed to demonstrate wise water practice in all dimensions.

Your business with ClearWater Farms directly supports the work of the Ontario Water Centre, an educational charity. Its mission is to connect people with their waterscapes and watersheds so that they feel more motivated to protect them.

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