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Young Agripreneur Program sponsored by RBC

RBC LogoThe ClearWater Farm Young Agripreneur Program offers an enriching path to kickstart a career in Regenerative Farming, Business, Entrepreneurship & Local Food. This immersive experience blends hands-on farm work with comprehensive learning sessions at ClearWater Farm, extending from spring through late October. Participants in the first season acquire a foundational understanding of regenerative farming and local food systems. They gain invaluable hands-on experience, develop targeted agricultural skills, and are introduced to a network of local agri-food businesses.


On the Farm

3 agripreneurs on farm


Success Story

October 2023

Natalie and her partner Shehan arrived at ClearWater Farm as part of our Young Agripreneur program. It was an honour having them a part of our farm team, watching them grow their business.

farmers walking towards greenhouseNatalie’s Letter to ClearWater Farm:

“Looking back at the past 3 years at ClearWater Farm, it has truly become a home for us. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to live and work here on the farm. Our experience would not have been the same without the incredible people we have met along the way, including the farm workers and employees, plus the community of farmers and networking in the community. We have put our literal blood sweat and tears into our farm business and we could not have accomplished what we have done without the support from the people around us. We will miss having Lake Simcoe as our backyard and we will miss our roomies and farm friends. We are excited to move onto new adventures, continue to grow vegetables and flowers and seeing what will come next!”

Natalie and Shehan started Green & Bloom Farm now grow over 200 varieties of specialty organic vegetables and flowers. Check out more about their farm here.