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Alexandra Powell joined the Young Agripreneur program proudly supported by RBC in 2018 and now just a few short years later, she has started her own small-scale farm called Alexandra’s Farm.

After learning about our harmful food systems in her studies and developing a passion to better it for herself and others, she knew that “farming was her next calling.” This led her to ClearWater Farm.

Shortly thereafter she became a fixture in all areas of our business evolving into a co-manager of farm operations. A natural mentor, she supported new Agripreneurs by examining all the challenges of growing food, from the physical toll of planting to adapting to unpredictable climate instabilities. She was always committed to shortening her own, her family’s and customers’ food chains in the best way she knows how.

This commitment took a new level when she felt ready to establish her own roots with Alexandra’s Farm after three years of the Agripreneur Program. Her new business is constantly growing, offering a regular Harvest Box of her own farm-fresh food to customers and attending regular farmers markets, sharing with her new community how important “Growing food that is as good for the planet as it is for you.”

You can learn more about Alexandra’s farm by visiting her website:

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