Day Camp
Day Camp

ClearWater Farm’s day camps, offered in partnership with the Town of Georgina, are designed to offer 8-12 year olds with a week spent out of doors, in the forest and fields, around gardens, greenhouses and Lake Simcoe, learning about themselves and the natural world through exploration and play.  

Our camps benefit from a very high ratio of staff to campers (1:5), allowing our counsellors to get to know the children, their interests, their concerns, their aspirations and joys.  We are experts at tailoring each participant’s experience to pique their particular curiosity, stretch their capacity (just enough), bring them to face their fears – in a safe environment.  Children find time to be alone, or to contribute to specific group projects, or to join in to a large opening or closing circle.

They will be introduced to activities such as fire building, mushroom inoculation, fort building, carving, gardening, animal tracking, natural crafts and, as the week goes on, they will dive deep into following their own creative passions. Following a flexible daily rhythm we strive to create opportunities for children to engage in nature in ways that excite them.  

Local bus transportation is available through the Town of Georgina’s summer camp program (which is not online until March 1, 2020 – ask us about this separately). Campers are expected to bring their own lunches.

During 2020, our summer camp schedule is as follows. Please check the weeks that you would like your child(ren) to attend and enter how many kids you want to participate: