Spoon Carving Club

Youth need independence and fellowship. They need to feel challenged with new experiences that are engaging, fun and stretch their capacities all while in a safe environment.

ClearWater Farm’s Spoon Carving Club invites youth of all levels to come and enjoy an evening of carving spoons around an open fire. Get deep into technique and have the ability to harvest ethically from our food forest (ash, apple, buckthorn) and get up to speed on our traditional hand tools. Youth will have the opportunity to learn the basics of green wood woodworking, from harvesting wood to processing, designing and making a spoon.

ClearWater’s experts use these tools on a regular basis, and can ensure that you encounter opportunities to safely handle tools to explore your capacities and build confidence while keeping your fingers! Many of ClearWater’s educators live on the property, are familiar with the natural cycles of the land and have a deep rooted appreciation for all it has to offer.

Our Spoon Carving Club is designed for youth of all ages from 18 to 29 and is held on five Monday evenings once a month on Feb 24, March 30, April 27, May 25, and June 8 from 6:00pm – 8:00 pm.  The cost per attendee is $20 per session (drop-in) or $85 if pre-purchased as a 5-week program below.